How to take a picture of an old Photo

Photo of PhotoThe best way to digitize old photos is to scan the images with a scanner.

If you do not have access to a scanner, you could photograph them.

Heres how:

Set up your photograph in a place with lots of daylight/ambient light removing any dust and debris from the photo.


*Avoid direct overhead lighting or other light sources that create a glare on the photo.

*Turn off the camera’s flash.

  • Set up your camera in a position that the camera is parallel with the photograph so that the camera is facing directly at the photo.
  • When you look through the camera’s viewfinder the entire photo is contained and leave a little of extra space around the edge of the photo to avoid accidentally missing part of subject matter.
  • Set the camera’s settings to the highest possible resolution to ensure the highest quality photo. If your photo is small and the camera is positioned close to it, set the camera to macro mode, if available.
  • Take the picture. (Take a photo with the timer so it eliminates motion blur when pressing the button)
  • To ensure the best results, take several pictures of the photo and then select the best one later.