Embarking on my very first major scanning project and it’s nothing short of extraordinary! My task is to preserve every cherished moment captured in those old and new photographs.

Picture this: I’ll be nestled in the heart of a cozy Irish pub, scanning quite a lot of old photos that are pinned and taped to the walls.

Old Photos in a Pub

Every corner of this quaint little pub holds a treasure trove of memories, waiting to be transferred into the digital realm. I must also ensure they return to their rightful spots, maintaining the essence of the pub’s unique ambiance.

The client does not want the photos leaving the premises and will be working in-house so I’ll have the pleasure oof sitting cozy atmosphere of of the premises Here’s to the magic of preserving memories, to the joy of rediscovering forgotten moments, and to the unique experiences that make every project a truly special adventure!

Thres Bullet Gate Pub, New Ross

Here’s to the magic of preserving memories, the joy of rediscovering forgotten moments of the staff, customers and local events from over the years.