Photomyne App – Capture Old Photos

If you have shoe-boxes, cupboards and photo albums stuffed with old photos, an app called Photomyne can help you scan those photos, in order to bring them online where they can be saved and shared.

What makes Photomyne compelling versus the competition in this space is a combination of its technology and the user experience.

Even Photomyne’s smart scanning saves you lots of time allowing you to scan multiple photos in a single shot. No need to take photos out of the album or remove the sleeve protectors. Just point and shoot!

The app recently landed a $2.6 million round of funding to work on the app, which allows you to take a picture of an entire page in a photo album allowing the algorithm to recognize the images and enhance them automatically.

It does have it’s limitations, but if you require your photos to be restored, repaired or enhanced further, you can send them to Restorapic for a free quote.



Get Photomyne on the App Store and is coming “soon” for Android.

Photo Restoration – ABC13 News Article – Houston, Texas

Were your family photographs were damaged by water or mold?

Pictures that were once lost forever can now be saved by a Photo Restoration Service.

If your precious family photographs were damaged in a storm, there are affordable options to get them back to their original condition.

Several classes of photographs are highly susceptible to water damage and the recovery rate will be very low. Avoid touching the surface of photographic prints and negatives.

Most prints, negatives, and slides may successfully be individually air dried face up. Change blotting material beneath the photographs as it becomes soaked.

by Patricia Lopez  

KTRK-TV – Houston Texas

The full article and video about various Photo Restoration Services can be found hereand it does put me up there along side Walgreen’s and CVS’ photo restoration services.

Christmas is coming


‘Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please put a penny, in the old man’s hat.’

Photo Restoration christmas

Yes it’s that time of year again. Are you looking for different type of gift?

Mum, Dad, Granny or Grand-dad or any family member

Restore a Photo – Restore a Memory – Make someone Happy

If you need a photo restored for Christmas make sure you get it in on time. Don’t leave it till the last minute.

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Scan a photo negative using phone and scanner

Did you know it’s possible to scan photo negative using a phone and scanner?

The phone/tablet provides the necessary back-lighting, with a flat-bed scanner.

Scan a photo negative


All you need is is turn a large portion of the screen entirely white with a flash light app. Simply place the device facedown over the film on the scanner, and scan it as normal

If you’re scanning B&W negative film, you’ll need to scan in ‘Gray Scale’ then invert the image with photo editing software once it has been scanned.

scan a negative film

Free photo editing software: Gimp

Android devices you can use Screen Light app

Apple devices you can use Flashlight app