Photomyne App – Capture Old Photos

If you have shoe-boxes, cupboards and photo albums stuffed with old photos, an app called Photomyne can help you scan those photos, in order to bring them online where they can be saved and shared.

What makes Photomyne compelling versus the competition in this space is a combination of its technology and the user experience.

Even Photomyne’s smart scanning saves you lots of time allowing you to scan multiple photos in a single shot. No need to take photos out of the album or remove the sleeve protectors. Just point and shoot!

The app recently landed a $2.6 million round of funding to work on the app, which allows you to take a picture of an entire page in a photo album allowing the algorithm to recognize the images and enhance them automatically.

It does have it’s limitations, but if you require your photos to be restored, repaired or enhanced further, you can send them to Restorapic for a free quote.



Get Photomyne on the App Store and is coming “soon” for Android.

Fix a Photo


Have some of your wedding or special occasion photos turned out leaving you less than satisfied?

With my photo retouching skills I can do a host of things to make your pictures look perfect.

If you want to look thinner or younger? Remove blemishes, age lines, undereye bags, double chin?

In fact, I can remove objects or even people. I can also add objects or add people from other photos to create the moment you may have missed!

I can remove creases, clean up extra confetti, discarded items, or any other elements in the picture.


Photo Enhancement-1