1.1 Restorations

We offer the “No Fix, No Fee” Policy under the following conditions:

After the restoration is completed, and you do not contact us with payment or let us know you are not happy with the results, we reserve the right to use the “Before” and “After” photos for promotional purposes if we believe the photo was restored to a high standard.

If for any reason you are not happy with the restoration please let us know, no payment is expected & we will not use the photo for promotional purposes.

The above protects us from the misuse of the “No Fix, No Fee Policy”, and the aim is to keep lines of communication open.

1.2 AI Colorization Tool

Our AI Colorization tool uses a specialized AI technology – the colors are reconstructed by an algorithm and may not be accurate. The model was trained by millions of sample photos, and as a result it is capable of generating very realistic results.  Users have to subscribe to a plan in order to use the colorizer. A $1 fee is required to colorize up to 10 photos. Subscription expires atfer 30 days. The $1 fee in non-refundable