On-line Newspaper Archives

Newspaper Archives provide a wealth of primary source material for Genealogist’s research.


You can often gain access to an extensive range of regional, national and international newspapers in digital format. With most newspaper archives you can now search by keywords and dates.

On-line collections comprise both digital newspaper archives and full-text newspaper article databases offering powerful search capabilities.

Researching old newspapers archives can reveal more about your family history than you might actually realise.

I knew the date and where he died so I researched which newspapers were in print at that time. I found an article on my own grand-uncle’s tragic death via ‘Brooklyn Newsstand‘ .

If you know locations and dates then begin your research. When you have identified a national or local newspaper of interest, then do a little more research checking if have an on-line archive.

With a little bit of research you maybe surprise what you find. Maybe a good place to start are theses following websites:


There are lots of digital archives out there…get searching

Here is a list from Wikipedia of On-line Newspaper Archives